Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Snow, Thanksgiving and Moving

Thank Goodness woman can multi-task. It has been a crazy time to say the least. It has been no easy task getting the house ready to move into, co-ordinating movers, furniture deliveries, taking on new accounts at work, and trying to do all of this while travelling to Kansas City and back twice in the last 2 weeks.

View of Kansas City downtown from my hotel room

On route to Kansas City airport

I missed our first snow fall which happened 2 weeks ago. I was in Kansas and my hubby called me so excited that it was snowing, on his drive to work. By the time I got back that afternoon, the sun had come out, but the snow was stunning.

View of Colorado - snow white - from the air

We have been working crazily to get the guest bathroom done, stripped wall paper, carpet and repainted and tiled the floor. We also painted the dining, family room and bathrooms. The guest bathroom has been Chris's project, the painting mine.

After many trips to Home Depot and many hours of hard work, we are finally almost done.

We saw one of our winter freezes, and had to spend almost 15 minutes chipping thick ice of my windshield. I could not stop thinking of how nice it would be to park in my new garage.

Hard work chipping the thick ice off my windscreen

The move happened last weekend, we had some great moving company help us move in2 hours, but I could not believe how much we had collected in the past 5 months that we had been here. I have told Chris that I will not be moving any time soon again, I've had all the moving I can handle for a while.

The house is looking stunning, and Chris and I are loving our new home.

Our plans for thanksgiving fell through with Don and Carole. So we had a lovely chilled day with Art and Melissa, and Art's 2 little kids, Hanna and Kyle. Melissa and I cooked an all American lunch, with Pumpkin pie, Turkey, stuffing and some other yummy food. The guys fixed a few things here and there, it helps knowing a electrician, Thanks Art!

Hanna, Chris, Me, Melissa, Art and Kyle

Relaxing next to the fireplace, with a glass of wine of course!

Stuffing the Turkey!

My famous and first Pumpkin Pie!

What an amazing day, red wine, cards and a roaring fireplace, with good friends!

Friday night Chris and I went out to movies, to watch the new James Bond. I know many people have been disappointed with the Quantum of Solice movie, as it does not have all the usual Bond gadgets, but as far as the story line goes, following on from Casino Royale, it was a good story, great acting, so not all that bad.

When we came out of the movie, the most amazing snow storm had come through and covered everything in white flakes. The snow plow's were out, and I was like a little kid, oohing and aahing. That set the tone for the weekend and it snowed pretty much on and off until tonight. We played out in the snow this afternoon, building our first snowman and throwing snowballs at each other. The temps dipped to below the 20's (approx -6 degree C). Brrr

The Park opposite our old place
Icy and slippery roads

Icy cold temps

A stunning pic Chris took on Saturday morning with the sunrise between the snowy trees

Our first snowman
Our warm and cozy family room

Chris and Mr Snowy

Mt hubby shovelling the drive way

Our backyard

My car after being in the snow-storm

I can not believe how time flies by, we are off for our first ski lessons next week and then the week after that my parents arrive. We still have to finish a few things around the house, but we should all be set when the folks arrive.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been a while...

Yes I know, it's been a while since I made my last post. Sorry readers, it has just been hectic. Between painting and getting the new house ready, flying to Kansas City and meetings, life is CRAZY to say the least.

I have so much to tell you about our first snow fall, our house and life in general.

So, pls watch this space for my update, which I promise will be soon.

Have a great weekend!

Here's a little quote for the week:
Try to be happy in this present moment, and put not off being so to a time to come,—as though that time should be of another make from this which has already come and is ours. -
Thomas Fuller

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We closed on the sale on our house today, and who could believe, it's now officially ours!
Front of the house - left side

Front Door

We have decided to move into the house on Saturday 22nd Nov. We will spend this weekend doing a few little things around the house, a little painting and cleaning before we move in. Chris and I have been pricing what we would need the past few weeks, now, we can shop up a storm, to furnish our new house.

Our amazing agent - Carole and Chris

View of the back garden

The other side of the back garden

Master bedroom

Staircase to top level

Dining Room

My Man and I
The basement level - Entertainment centre and gym (to be)

My amazing kitchen

Family Room with a fireplace

Well, I'll keep you all updated on the move and what the house looks furnished.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A great start to the weekend

What better way to start the weekend than with a BBQ, great friend and a fine wine. Melissa invited everyone round to her place in Highlands Ranch on Friday for a BBQ (braai for my South African readers). I got to meet some of her old University mates. Art (Melissa's new man) and Chris did the grilling, while the girls talked up a storm, safe from the very chilly evening air.

We had a great evening, maybe a little to good, with a pounding headache the next morning.

Kelly, Melissa and I
My very special Canadian gal

Melissa and Me

Art and Kelly

Chris listening to the crazy girls

Good old captain!

Kelly, Me, Kelly and Angie

Art and Melissa

Kelly and Angie

The grillers - Art and Chris

The Kelly's x 2

Chef extraordinaire

Thanks Bowman, next one's at my new house - House warming (-:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President of America

It's Election Day, 20 months of campaigning and driving their messages to the nation is now at an end. Obama and McCain have reached the epic point of who will be selected as America's next president.

It was clear, as everyone streamed to the polls, that Obama had a lead on the swing States (those States who could swing the deciding vote), with Obama winning PY early on. It seemed to set the trend of the day, and at the end, Obama had a landslide victory over McCain.

Our new President, and first black President of the United States - BARACK OBAMA!

In his acceptance speech, Obama drove home the message so many have heard during his campaign" "It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America,"

Our very own ex-President, Madiba (Nelson Mandela), commented "Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place."

I am looking forward to see what happens next. Obama has his challenges ahead of him, having to raise taxes for a start to pay for the "Bail-Out" on the NYSE.

I think that his wife and now First-Lady, Michelle Obama will do a good job. She seems strong and has a good raport with the people.
For some great news reviews, check out abc news:

It is great to be here, in the USA at this historical time, to witness a new era of leadership.

Good Luck Barack Obama!