Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeehaaa...It's Rodeo time again

You just have to love Summer in Colorado!
There is always so much to do and see and everyone is out and about enjoying the hot weather.
Friday night Chris and I had dinner with Brian and Robin. It was a great evening, with a little too much wine, as usual, but it was great to catch up.
I was really excited about Saturday. It's the Cheyenne "Daddy of em All" Rodeo again in Wyoming. Chris and I left early on Saturday morning, left our car at Iwan and Liezl's place in Erie and all drove through to Wyoming. I just love the vibe of the place. Cowboys, Cowgirls, Wrangler Jeans and Cowboy boots, Bulls, Horses, it's really the wild West.
We grabbed a bite to eat, just after Liezl bought her first Cowboy or should I say, Cowgirl hat.

Chris had his legendary Turkey leg, and the rest of us followed suite. We also tried the famous "funnel cake" which was great.

Liezl digging into her Turkey Leg

The famous "funnel cake"
My hubby and me

Blurry but a fun photo.

All fed and beers in hand, we found our seats and watched the start of the Rodeo. It was all going well, when in the Steer wrestling section, a cowboy dived from his horse to wrestle a steer to the ground, and we think he broke it's neck. By mistake. It was sad to see how they got a cart into the arena and loaded the poor thing onto it.

The Rodeo continued and I was in awe of the cowboys bull riding skill, how those guys survive is beyond me. The Rodeo kick-off
The crazy cowboys getting ready fothe wild horse race

This is one of my favourite photo's

After the Rodeo, we wondered around the fair. I could have sworn for a second I was on the set of Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, at the fun-fair scene.

Yoyo in front of the "Yoyo" ride

Chris and I tried our hand at target shooting, but did not win anything.

Dancing at the "Bucking A Saloon"

It was hot and late in the day. so we decided to head back to Colorado, for a bite to eat. We settled on having dinner at a stunning golf course near Iwan and Liezl's place. There is nothing better than a good wine, good food and great company with great mountain views as the sun sets. Chilling in the late afternoon sun

What a sunset over the Rocky's

The Colorado Golf Course

Thanks guys for a great day.

Sunday Chris did some heavy duty yard work, with little me lending a hand here and there. I do believe it's Murphy's law how these things happen. With the yard looking so lovely and kept, we had the biggest storm I have ever experienced last night.

The wind came up from no where, and before you knew it, Hail and Rain were beating against the windows, from every direction. The massive pine trees and other old trees were blowing like they were little twigs in the wind. Eventually, I got a little scared that the windows would break, so we headed downstairs. The news had just issued a Tornado warning for our town, Littleton, and then the sirens started going off. Chris and I were about to head down into the basement when the hail let up. It was very scary and not something I would like to experience soon again.
This morning I started assessing the damage. We were lucky and the only major damage was the patio shade blind and all of my flowers, my beautiful roses and lavender look like a goat attacked them. And tons of leaves.

Poor Cassie and Todd across the road, looked like a bull dozer went through their front garden and Scott and Christina's car managed to miss the fallen tree by inches.

Hail which looks like snow with pieces of my patio shade

The patio shade ripped to pieces

My poor flowers and lavender destroyed

Leaves, leaves everywhere, some even stuck on the side of the house

The clean up crew (me) got to work trying to clean up some of the mess, but it may take a few days.
Goes to show, mother nature can be brutal. Just another day in unpredictable Colorado.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th July Festivities and two wins

This month just seems to be whizzing past.

So much has happened in the past 2 weeks!

Chris and I have celebrated our 2nd 4th of July in the States now. Wow, and what a different scenario to last year. This time last year, Chris and I went to the celebrations in Clement park, across from where we lived. I remember sitting in our chairs, listening to a local band and then watching the fireworks not knowing a soul. This year painted a very different picture.

Chris got invited to the Rocky's Baseball game at Coors Field, by the Rocky's marketing manager, Billy. We were privileged enough to be in the Rocky's box, drinking wine, eating great food and watching the game. Afterwards, we were lead through the stadium, seeing where the team practice and where their locker rooms are. No ladies, I was not allowed inside, but I did ask.
Front entrance to Coors Field

Stadium packed to capacity - 50,000 people

Te unveiling of the flag, always an emotional feeling when they sing the American Anthem

We were then lead onto the field, to watch the most amazing fireworks display, in front of 50,000 fans. What a experience.
Chris and I on the field in front of 50,000 fans

I even get a hug from Dinger, the Rocky's mascot


The next day, we spent the day enjoying 4th July celebrations in our own neighbourhood of Coventry. There was a big barbeque, swimming comps and races for the kids, and I even entered the cake baking comp, where I won 2nd prize for the most patriotic cake. It was a cheese cake, decorated with berries in the style of the American flag.

That evening, we went over to our amazing neighbours, Christina and Scott for another barbeque, and the all walked over to our little lake to watch the neighbourhood fireworks.

My winning cake - 2nd plac

All the other cakes entered into the competition

Going to the babeque for some food

The kids having fun at the pool
The Sunday we spent the afternoon at the Golden Gate Reserve, where we had a picnic at the most scenic and serene park. Next to a river, with mountain views, Golden gate is near Golden, and offer hikes, picnic and camping, in the mountains. It's always great to get out of the city.

Chris and I return to do the 4 hours hike, one of many in the area.

During the week, I had to do my speech number 5 at Toastmasters. I was wrecking my brain to think of a good topic to do my speech on. After much deliberation, I decided to speak about blogging, the pro's and con's, my love for blogging etc. And I won! Yes, I won 1st place, my 2nd win of the week. I even inspired a fellow Toastmaster to start blogging about his hiking 14'ner mountains, that he started his own blog and thanked me personally for the inspiration. Thanks Ron. Check out Ron's blog at: http://rockyhiking.blogspot.com/

Other than drinking and eating so much, I have been trying to get into the swing of things for my new career. My licence and business cards should arrive this week, so then I can start doing business and selling some houses.

This weekend, Iwan and Liezl came to visit. We had a braai in the afternon, and later Scott, Christina and little lucy joined us. Iwan, Liezl, Chris and I then went across to the infamous Irish Festival again. The very same one that got me so intoxicated last year. This year things were a little less crazy. Iwan and Liezl stayed over and ts morning we enjoyed an amazing breakfast out on the patio, on a very hot summers morning. I later went and assisted with an open house (same as a show house for the South Africans).

This week is going to be a crazy one, lot's of training, work wise and gym wise. i am back into some hard training and have hd some very sore muscles for the last week. My parents are flying to SA on Thursday, have a good flight guys!

Chris and I are also the very proud Godparents of our little niece Sarah, who's having her Christening this coming weekend. Sarah we love you loads and wish we were there. Big hugs and kisses for you!