Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

I Know, I know, it's been a while...ok, a long while since I blogged. I know excuses, excuses, but it has been very busy time.

After a great Thanksgiving, which we spent with Iwan and Liezl, Flu and a business trip to San Francisco, things just seemed to speed up to fastforward. My folks arrived while I was away In San Fran, for a 3 week visit.

We have really had a snowy and bitterly cold winter, reaching -21C temps. I can without a doubt say, that my blood has not thickened enough for this weather, maybe next year??? The little dam in the neighbourhood had frozen over enough for the kids to skate and play ice-hockey.

Lovely to see.

It was great catching up and we did some great sight seeing. It was Chris's birthday on the 24th December, so I decided to throw him a party on the 23rd. We had a great evening, my mom making her traditional South African curry dish which was a absolute hit!

The next day, we headed off into the mountains, to spend Chris's birthday and our first white Christmas on the ski slopes. We had a great condo in Winter Park, which was close enough for us to walk to the slopes. We had a ton of snow in Denver and some very cold and snowy conditions in the mountains. I think my Mom struggles a little with the cold, but we did all have fun, a great experience. Chris and I got some skiing in, we all went on a snow cat drive up the mountain and wined and dined till the cows came home.

My Mom with her snow board (-:

Christmas Carol singers

The amazing snow cat drive, WOW!

My Mom and her polar bear.

Our Condo Complex

My Hubby and I on his birthday.

The cold weather persisted when we got back, but we still managed to do some interesting things, a trip to downtown Denver, seeing buffalo bills grave, Mount Evans, shopping etc.

Bob and Joni's house, with all their Christmas lights, a treat to see.

Outing to the famous Bass Pro Shop.

Dad having fun at Buffalo Bill's grave Gift Shop

Lunch in Golden, such a sweet little town.

The Big Bear looking through the window at the Denver Convention Centre

Downtown Denver

Lights in Downtown Littleton

Amazing views on the Mount Evans route

Family photo at the frozen lake

Our Christmas Tree

New Years was a quiet one this year. I was personally very happy to see the end of 2009. We had a great dinner at the Rawlins, and played some Wii. Chris now thinks he's the Wii king, I will have to work on my Wii skills to prove him wrong.

On the work front, Chris and I have been working hard. I had a trip back to Palo Alto this week, where, sitting in a meeting, felt a earth quake which registered 4.1. We were luckily sitiing in a new SAP offive which has all the technology to ease the quake, but still a little scary.

I am excited about my new job, being part of something bigger than myself, making a small difference to protecting this earth. It's all about Sustainability in the end!

My folks were supposed to fly back on Wednesday, but due to all the snow and ice at Heathrow, the airport shut down, delaying all the flights. They are only now flying back on Tuesday next week.

Global warming is slowly but surely effecting everyone, all over the world.

Other than that, my best friend, Adele is at the half way mark with her pregnancy. She looks amazing, and up to a week ago, you could not tell she was expecting. She's tiny, and beautiful, and as usual, amazing in everything she does. I can not WAIT to be an aunt. Toni and John's Troy is also so cute and getting big, clearly parenthood fit's the both of them.

2010 will be an interesting year, I am full of hope and excitement, that everyone will achieve their dreams, find health, success and pure joy!

Here's to 2010!