Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Parties in Colorado

The past few weeks have just felt like an endless amount of partying, with no end in view, well, at least for the summer.
Chris and I have continued on from Rodeo’s and dinners, to a kitchen warming, concerts and Pig Roasts.

Steve and Tracie remodeled their kitchen and dining room, and had the big reveal. Wow, what a stunning job they did. Big granite counters, a big see through fireplace between the kitchen and dining room.

Tracie and Steve invited some friends over to break this amazing space in…and boy did we ever. After a great meal and some tequila shots, we headed over to the Greenwood Village park for an amazing fireworks display that Greenwood Village puts on every year.

In the drizzling rain, we watched an amazing fireworks show.

As the show ended, the heavens opened up and we scrambled to get get home. The party started up again, and soon the girls were singing and dancing, reliving the 70’s and 80’s.

After midnight, and after way too much to drink, we decided to find our way home. I did have a open house the next afternoon to think of. Thanks Steve and Trace, what a great evening!

Last week Robin and Brian invited us to the Counting Crows concert at Red Rocks. I was soooo excited. My first concert at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is a natural Red Rock formation in Morrison, which has a open aired, rock amphitheatre. Artists love singing here due to the natural acoustics. The rain continued to come down that evening. We had a great dinner at the Red Rocks Grille with Robin, Brian and some of their friends.
Brian, Chris and Robin

After dinner we headed of to the box of 12 seats to enjoy the concert. We did not mind the rain, and enjoyed listening to Counting Crows and a great supporting band.
The amazing view of Red Rocks
The ampitheatre was fully booked, even in the rain!

I met some great gals from Boulder, who I will go and visit in Boulder soon. After way too much wine, rain, great music and company, Chris and I headed home for some sleep.

Saturday the sun finally came out, perfect weather for a pig roast. Yup, and pig roast. Our neighbours Cassie and Todd invited us to their parents annual Pig Roast event up in the mountains of Morrison.
Every year they host this, have about 100 people, over, a great band and a fully catered bar.

The massive spread, yummy!

Chris and I popped in for a lovely lunch with Fred and Lorraine in the afternoon and then headed to Morrison for the pig roast. They live on a Ranch in the most amazing scenic mountain area. The kids were loving a newly built play house, dogs were chasing balls and every one else was just chilling, taking in the scenery and fresh mountain air. The food was amazing and everyone had a great time. Soon the band started playing at Sunset, as the evening mountain chill settled in.

The playhouse Tom built for the grand kids, it's like a minnie cabin.

The boys having fun.
Katie and Addie playing in the grass.
Christina, me and Amy

Laura and Amy chilling out
I think next year we will pitch a tent and stay over, as some people did.
What a great weekend.

I met up with my fellow Real Estate Student buddies for Pizza. It was great catching up on all their news, comparing notes on how they find their Real Estate careers taking off etc. Most of them joined Keller Williams, another local RE firm in Denver, it seems as usual, I do things differently and joined Coldwell Banker.

Me, David, Mike, Dawn and Nat
My husbandsurprised me last week with 100 yellow roses, they were just stunning and so sweet of my hubby! Thanks Love.

This weekend I sat my 4th and 5th Open House. On Saturday I had 7 couples through, which was great. I am very excited about my new career and I am on a big learning curve every day. I have spoken to some of the successful guys and gals in the industry, getting some great tips and advice on how to be successful at this game. As most of you know I love chatting to people, but more than that I want to be different. I want to add value!
Well, it's another week, new challanges. A note to all my faithful followers, thanks for reading my blog. Have a great week, and remember, you reap what you sow!

The big cleanse

Or detox, or hell as I would refer to it.

My neighbour, Christina told me about this amazing Cleanse diet she did. So, as I always like to try something new, I embarked on the big cleanse this week. It's called the Ultra Simple Diet.It is focused to first cleanse your system for toxins, and then get you into a healthy eating routine. I decided not to ween myself of coffee, sweets and dairy. Nope, I went from zero to hero, and went cold turkey. The first day was OK, but the 2nd and 3rd were CRAP. I had a migraine on day 2 and a constant headache on day 3, my kidneys hurt and I was totally ratty. But by day 4, I felt fine, no more headaches, kidney ache and alot more energy.

The positives of this "diet" is that it helps improve overall health, increased energy, improved sleep patterns, bowl movements etc.

I still have 2 days to go, but so far so good, and best of all, I've started losing weight. Now I just need to drag my lazy bum to gym, and things will be really going well.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.