Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red Rocks, Mt Evans and a Wedding

The great thing about Colorado in the summer (and winter), is that there is always so much to do, and always, something going on.

Chris and I were again very privileged to be invited to another concert at Red Rocks. This time Jackson Browne was playing. We had cocktails and dinner before the show. At least this time it was not raining, you could really enjoy the amazing views while watching the concert. Thanks Robin and the gang for the invite.

The stand filling up

Jackson Browne performing

Posters from past performers at Red Rocks, includes U2, Sherryl Crow, Dave Mathews, UB40 and the list goes on...

The weather has been amazing, and so one day, I decided to take some "ME" time, get out of the city and what better place to do that than in the mountains. I drove to a park in Evergreen, Elk meadows, and went on a lovely long hike. The views were amazing, the weather perfect and with nothing but the sound of nature, it was bliss.

After a great hike, some home made saamies, I decided to go for a scenic drive up to Mt Evans. You can see and feel fall is in the air, as the Aspens are starting to change. Echo lake was stunning, and you could just sit and chill next to this beautiful place all day long. I found a pic-nic site which has the most amazing views over the mountains, definitely a place to take my visitors. It's always good to take some time out on your own, and have some alone time.

Contemplating the world from a view

The weekend only continues to get better. We went to Eerie to visit Iwan and Liezl for the night. As usual, the food was amazing, Iwan and Liezl really know how to cook. We met their neighbours who came over, and after watching the Bokke beat Australia, we really started celebrating. The next day, the guys played golf while Liezl and I snuggled up with a DVD and a pizza. Aaahhh, what a great end to a amazing weekend.

My rose bushes were trashed after the crazy storm 2 months ago. I am not sure what happened, maybe the roses felt like they had a good pruning, but they have just blossomed in the past 2 weeks. Love it!

Our garden is looking lovely, so sad to think in 2 months time it will be covered in snow )-:

The strangest thing happened last week, sitting in my study, a "swarm" of birds, like a black cloud landed in the garden, there were hundreds, in the front and back. They looked like little black starlings, and it sounded like an avery all around me. I tried to take some photo's but chased them away when I opened the door. Some came back, but not nearly as many as there were. I think that they were migrating to somewhere.

Melissa and Arts Wedding:

On Saturday, Chris and I headed to Breckenridge for the long awaited Art and Melissa wedding. After 2 accidents on the highway, we finally arrived at our hotel, "The Great Divide" Lodge. Shuttles were arranged to collect us at the hotel and take us up to Ten Mile Station. It was so strange seeing this mountain without snow, knowing we skied on the road we were driving up.

The views from Ten Mile Station (in Winter a restaurant and Apri-Ski spot).

Melissa looked amazing, and so happy!

The pastor was fantastic, dressed in a suite with her cowboy boots, she did a Indian Blessing at the end, which was very special.

Melissa's boss, Ken and his wife Sandra, sat at our table. What a great couple. Chris and Ken got horribly drunk on tequila, while Sandra and I danced.

Mrs Pieters and me

Hungover in front of Starbucks

Chris looking rather peppy in spite of all the shots

Breckenridge is stunning! It's 150 years old, with such charm, so much to see.

The main street in Breck

We got invited to a Brunch at the House the Bowman family rented for the week. The house could fit approx. 20 people, and it had great views. It was great seeing everyone after the big night, and Art and Melissa looked blissfully happy, Congrats guys!!!

Baby Woollam

Many of you who read my blog would know that my friend, Toni and her hubby John were expecting their first little baby. We did not know what is was, as they wanted to keep the sex of the baby a big surprise.

On Friday the 4th September, baby Troy Woollam was born at 13:54, at a healthy 3.5kg. I think he's going to be a rugby player (-:
Toni and Troy are both doing well and are at home, getting used to the new famiy life.

Congrats John and Toni. Little Troy is amazing, I can not wait to meet him!