Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There were 2, and now there are 3

What!!! I know what you are thinking, but no.....

My amazing friend Toni and her hubby John are having a baby. I was so excited when she told me and even more excited when she sent a scan of their little "grape" as they call it.
The Woollam Grape

Poor Toni has been battling with terrible morning sickness, I feel so sorry for her, and can not imagine what she and thousands of other poor woman have to go through with being sick, but as she say's it's all worth it oin the end.

Congrats Toni and John, I can not wait to see you in Jackson Hole (Yup, Toni and John are coming to Wyoming, where we plan to see each other).
I'll keep you posted on the Woollam family.

Time, time, time

Where does the time go these days. I thought living in Denver would be a slower pace of life, that I would be able to take a deep breath, smell the coffee (or my cuppacino) and slow down from the Joburg rat race - Ya right!

I gues it's all about the work you do, and as many of my fellow SAP collegues know, there is no such thing as a slow, smell the coffee life at SAP.

That having been said, Chris and I have also been busy doing some culturally motivating things lately. We were invited by a collegue of Chris's to the Denver Symphony, which I really enjoyed, and experiencing Downtown Denver at night, all the huzz buzz really got me hooked.

Last week Chris and I got tickets to go and watch a Jazz production at the Symphony. Chris Botti is this amazing guy who plays the trumpet, together with his band and the most amazing drummer I've ever heard, he brought the house down. Do yourself a favour, get onto i-tunes or just listen to his stuff off the internet - AMAZING. After the show, Chris and went to this trendy bar/restaurant for some dinner, called the corner office. I love this place and can see me hanging out there often,very cosmopolitan.

Chris Botti

Other than that, Chris and invited our neighbours over for dinner and again, confirmed why I love my neighbourhood, such stunning people! I cooked a lovely cape curry, which they all loved and even had seconds. We have managed to fit some skiing in between. I bought new ski boots, so I need to break them in a bit, which can be painfull in the beginning, but all worth the great skiing experience in the end.

I've decided to take a leave of absence from SAP for a little while. Yup, in the States you can take a personal or medical leave of absence, and still have a job when you get back. Mine will be medical, trying to sort our these migraines and headaches, which some of my friends know I've always had, but been getting worse.

Will update you on how things go.