Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello There!!!

So Jan was a total blurrrrrr. I mean, where did it go, and now it's Feb!

Unfortunately I have nothing really exciting to report, apart from Work, Travel, Work, Travel, Work, and oh, more travel.
Since the beginning of Jan, I have clocked many airline miles. 1st week of Jan I went to Palo Alto, then San Diego for SAP FKOM (sales kick-off), home for 3 days then off to Seattle, home for 3 and then off to Phoenix. As I type this, I am waiting for my flight from Phoenix to San Francisco.
So what am I actually upto. Well, as some of you may know, I have recently joined the SAP Sustainability Sales Team. The next questions is, so what's sustainability all about.
I must say, it's very exciting. It's all about business's being more profitable while being more sustainable. From a SAP solution point of view, it's encompasses everything from Carbon Impact, Sustainability Performance reporting, product and environmental safety all the way to green IT.

Check out SAP's own Sustainablity Performance Report, which just shows SAP walk the walk, it's not just talk!

I am focused specifically focused on the Utility Industry for North America, hence, all the travelling. But I love it and it's such an exciting space to be in.

Other than that, I want to mention the devastating events in Haiti. I is scary to think that one singular natural disastour can cause such devastation. I'm sure you have all seem what's happening in Haiti on the news, no food, no medical, orphans with no where to go, and not even a proper burial site for the dead.

SAP was involved in an organisation to raise money. They are legit and if you want to donate to the Haiti relief and be confident that it’s actually going to have a direct impact, then Direct Relief is one of those organizations. Direct Relief International is a great SAP customer (and reference customer) based in California. . Forbes rated them 99% efficient for the past several years in their fundraising reaching the people in need. For every dollar spent by Direct Relief, they deliver between $21 - $37 in medical material aid to in-country health professionals.

Other than that, not much to report. Until next time.