Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long awaited update...

The long awaited AND way overdue update.....

What have we been up to? Well, it's been a very longgggggg winter. It feels like it been around forever.
Chris and I went camping equipment shopping a few weeks back, and who would guess, I walked out, no not with a tent, but a new bike. I am sooo excited to go cycling, and managed to get a ride in a few week back. You could feel sprinf in the air, stunning blue sky's and sunny weather....which.... did not last long.
We have had a few snow dumps in the past 2 weeks, the worst being the beginning of this week, on Monday. It started raining and then snowing, which was almost the worst I've seen. The snow was so wet and heavy, it snapped many of the tree branches in our garden, bummer!

Snow storm coming in..
The morning after

Sub-zero temps

Where's the road?
I've been travelling extensively over the past few weeks, seeing customers all of the USA. Phoenix,Detroit,Philladelphia.....
Beautiful old building in Philly

View of the port from my hotel room

Famous GM Building (General Motors), the Head Office of GM in Detroit

The Detroit River, ice floating down the river with the ice-melt starting. By the way, that's Canada on the other side, amazing!

View from my hotel room

San Francisco, view from the SAP San Fran office

Another view from the SAP San Fran office

View from the airoplane on a snowy Denver International runway

Downtown Phoenix Arizona

View of the USS Midway in the port of San Dieo, love San Diego!

This pic was taken at our friends, Fred and Lorraine in Evergreen. This young male deer has become used to Fred and Lorraine and loves hanging around their place.
Chris has also been travelling lately,mainly to New York for meetings, 3 weeks in a row. The first time he went,NY saw a massive snow storm, as you can see the pic below, cars were snowed in and the crews had to work hard to clear the snow away.

But as always, the sun comes out in Colorado. As quickly as the snow arrives, it dissapears with the sunny weather.

Chris and I are off on a much needed break and a birthday get-away for me to MEXICO!! Yay, only 4 more sleeps. This time we are going to Cabo, so look out for an update on our little trip.