Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jobs, Man-Maids and friends

Last week Friday, my Hubby got the call he's been waiting for since he started job-hunting in June - The Job Offer call. Yup, Wells Fargo, one of the biggest banks on the West coast, and now the East coast with the acquisition of Wackovia, has offered Chris a Marketing post in Downtown Denver.

We are very excited, well, I was until I realised I'm losing my maid. Now looks like I have to wash, clean and iron on the weekend's - mmmmmm, not to keen on that. I see some key negotiations coming up.

Generally life is great. Melissa's new man in her life - Art, invited us over for a BBQ (I still call it a braai). It was starting to get cold, which gave me the perfect chance to try out my new UGG boots. (Toni, eat your heart out).

Melissa and Art

My Hubby and I

Melissa and I

My new UGG Boots

They have sheep skin inside and are super warm, all the girls wear them here.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw some very cold weather blow in, tons of snow on the mountains (check out Chris's blog for some pics). I can see the mountain peaks covered in snow from my office - the most amazing view. Driving home from work yesterday I even encountered a couple of snow flakes.
View of the mountains as I leave my office

I think fall is just about over, definitely feels like winter to me. Of course Melissa, who's Canadian think I'm mad, and keeps telling me it's still warm compared to what's coming - Do I run now???

Last night saw the temps fall to between 25-32 (-4 to 0ºc)

They should get warmer over the weekend, but tonight is still set at 32 (0ºc)

Other than that, life in Denver's great. Fall has been amazing, all the colours of the trees. Now everyone is gearing up for ski-season.

Fire Red colours of Fall

This weekend's busy, dinner with Mel and Jenni on Sat and lunch with Fred and Lorraine on Sunday. We also need to go shopping for Chris, ties and shoes etc. Exactly what I do best.

Until next time - Mwah

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok, I know I was really excited about my first winter in Colorado. I had these wonderful dreams of snow, gluwein, wearing lovely scarfs and boots........
Ya Right, we had our first cold snap this weekend, and I nearly froze to death. Monday morning brought a rude shock to my system, when, trying to leave for work, my car was covered in ICE, the temp in my car was probably 3 degrees less than the zero temps outside.

Thanks to Chris, he put this stuff in my wiper water, which basically dissolves the ice. Unfortunately it does not help for the hypo-thermia.

Me leaving the House - (-:

Anyway, ski season has started, and Arapahoe Basin is the first ski slope to open. Who know's, maybe well take all that fancy gear of our's and try it out this weekend, after I stock up on more thermals.
Other than my little African "ass" trying to adjust to this Colorado winter, life's good. Chris is still job hunting and we are hoping for some positive feedback next week.

Chris won best speaker at Toastmasters this week, I did my first evaluation speech, but did not win )-:
At least one of the Seagram's are bringing back the awards. Well Done Chris!
Last weekend I Volunteered in the SAP Kipp School Volunteers day, which was great fun. The project was to plant some plants and put in a irrigation system. The weather was freezing and rainy, but with all the digging and shovelling, we soon worked up a sweat. I felt like I had been rugby tackled the next day, who knew gardening was such a work-out.

It was also Jaclyn's birthday, and so went all had to dress up and go out to dinner. The restaurant was in castle Rock, a stunning little spot, with fusion cuisine.

The gals, Jaclyn, Me and Melissa

Melissa and Art

The yummy cuisine

Other than that, it seems that the market's are recovering slowly, the big presidential election is almost a month away, and so far, I'm not sure if McCain or Obama are leading the race.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, dinner with Melissa and Art on Friday, and the dinner with Mike and Marianne on Sat - Socialites!